Understanding STCW

Understanding STCW

Price: 450$

Training course on STCW, background, structure and practical application of the convention.



Participants will improve their knowledge of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) and gain the theoretical background and skills to implement the requirements and ensure compliance.

Entrance regulations

Basic knowledge of shipping

Who should attend:

Shipping Companies: Crewing Superintendents, quality managers, designated persons, crewing managers, nautical officers, engineers, assistants (crewing)


1 day

Within this course the background and general goals of the STCW Convention and Code are presented in detail. The aim of STCW is to ensure that seafarers trained and certified under its regime can meet the challenges that the shipping industry will be facing in the future. Course participants will become familiar with the structure and practical applications of the convention. The practical implications of the STCW’s requirements will be better understood. Using practical case studies the participants will learn how to achieve compliance within a management system and, using the accompanying tools, ensure the implementation of the requirements during daily work routines. The course features a lot of group work in which the participants can practice with the received input, work out the necessary contents and receive direct feedback on possible solutions.


The course focuses on:
  • Introduction to the chapters of the STCW convention and the Code
  • Manila Amendments of 2010 to STCW Convention and Code
  • Certificates arising from STCW
  • Relationship between STCW, MLC and ISM
  • IMO provisions of safe manning of ships
  • Preparation for flag State and Port State inspections