ISO 20121

ISO 20121:2024

sustainability management systems

ISO 20121 certification offers your organization numerous advantages, underscoring a commitment to sustainable event management aligned with recognized international standards. Here are some key benefits of obtaining ISO 20121 certification:

Demonstration of Sustainable Practices:

ISO 20121 certification validates that your organization's event management system adheres to internationally recognized sustainable practices, showcasing your commitment to environmental, social, and economic responsibility.

Competitive Advantage: Enhance your market position by building trust with stakeholders, clients, and the community.

Demonstrating a proactive approach to sustainability can differentiate your organization from competitors and attract new business opportunities.

Stakeholder Confidence:

By adhering to the principles of ISO 20121, you reassure stakeholders of your commitment to reducing the environmental impact of events, promoting responsible resource usage, and ensuring social accountability.

Business Growth: The certification can help attract new customers and retain existing ones who value sustainability, thereby potentially increasing revenue. It also opens doors to markets where sustainability credentials are a prerequisite.

The core aim of ISO 20121 is to promote sustainability in event management across three key dimensions:

Environmental Stewardship:

Ensuring that events are planned and managed to minimize their environmental footprint through efficient resource use, waste reduction, and mitigation of environmental impacts.

Social Responsibility: Ensuring that events contribute positively to society by promoting inclusivity, ensuring safety and security, and enhancing the well-being of all participants and the local community.

Economic Viability:

Planning and conducting events in a financially responsible manner that considers long-term economic benefits for the organization, its stakeholders, and the community.


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