This course has been developed to assist you in developing safe habits during your travel and emphasizes the importance of planning safety into your trip. This program will provide some basic safety tips and information you can readily use as a business traveler or even in your personal travel. In the event of a problem, you will be equipped to deal quickly and effectively with most issues. We will be providing information you can use every time you travel, whether it be by motor vehicle, air or another mode of transportation. Also, we will review in detail safe procedures to be used during your stay at hotels and motels. In addition, we will discuss some safety tips for using rental vehicles. Once you have completed this course you will know what questions to ask and be better equipped to enjoy your trip and return home safely.




  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Tips for Your Safety
  3. Before You Leave…
  4. A Basic Checklist
  5. Forget Anything?
  6. Airport Safety and Security
  7. Airline Safety
  8. Hotel and Motel Safety
  9. Entering your Hotel Room
  10. While in Your Room
  11. Hotel and Motel Fire Safety
  12. Safety on the Road
  13. Security for Yourself and Your Vehicle
  14. Auto Safety