Quality Training for Small to Medium Businesses

Quality Training for Small to Medium Businesses

Duration: 5 Days
Price: 700$


Quality control training programs for small to medium businesses typically involve providing instruction on quality management systems and techniques, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and Six Sigma, focused on reducing product errors. Learning how to improve processes, reduce defects and make better decisions ensures that companies run more smoothly. Typically aligned with a company’s strategic plan, quality control projects seek to improve key performance measurements. Training programs prepare participants to sustain improvements and adjust business strategic plans.



Quality control training programs feature instructional

  • Overviews on the history of quality and how quality management processes have evolved.
  • Continuous improvement strategies that help an organization maintain ongoing commitment to controlling quality.
  • Costs associated with producing poor quality products. T
  • Manage customer satisfaction effectively.
  • Quality concepts.
  • quality control
  • quality assurance



Upon completion, quality control training program participants can typically measure current systems and identify the critical processes to establish reliable metrics used to monitor progress. They can analyze systems to find ways to minimize or eliminate defects. After introducing process improvements, participants can measure the outcome to determine if the revised methods worked. By controlling the systems at their small to medium business, training program participants contribute to company policy, procedure formation and strategic planning.