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Part 2 Price:150$



The objective for this two-part training presentation is to insure the student understands the basic operating responsibilities and are knowledgeable in the theoretical operation of a powered industrial truck, specifically a forklift truck. Other requirements of the standard, not included in this presentation are practical testing procedures and licensing. Both parts one and two must be successfully completed to comply with the applicable training requirements for this topic.

Part one of this two-part series is intended to cover the basic operational aspects of powered industrial trucks, their safe use, and operation. It will focus on the operator of a forklift truck and the responsibilities an operator must obey.

Part two of our presentation on powered industrial trucks is intended to cover the basic operational aspects of powered industrial trucks and their safe use and operation. This part focuses on the forklift truck operator and the responsibilities of the operator.



29 CFR 1910.178



Part One:

  1. What are Powered Industrial Trucks?
  2. Training Objectives
  3. Regulations
  4. Major Components of a Forklift
  5. Other Attachments
  6. Forklift Characteristics
  7. Forklift Nameplate
  8. Pre-Operation Inspection
  9. Stability Triangle
  10. Center of Gravity
  11. Load Handling
  12. Load Capacity
  13. How Tip-Overs Occur
  14. Summary

Part Two:

  1. Training Objectives
  2. Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Hazard Identification
  4. Safe Practices
  5. Pedestrians
  6. Special Techniques
  7. Chemical Loads
  8. Refueling
  9. Tip-Over Safety Procedures