MLC &STCW for Crewing Managers

MLC &STCW for Crewing Managers

Price: 1000$

Course providing thorough knowledge about STCW and a deeper understanding of it from a crewing perspective.



Participants who already have a basic knowledge about the Standards for Training and Certification Convention (STCW), as amended, will gain a deeper understanding of it from a crewing perspective. At the end of the course participants will be able to identify required certificates by rank as well as other implications arising of the STCW Convention and Code. In addition both general and specific training and familiarisation requirements for seafarers will be identified and discussed.

Entrance regulations

Previous attendance of an STCW course is recommended

Who should attend:
Shipping Companies: Superintendents, quality managers, designated persons, crewing managers, nautical officers, engineers, assistants (crewing)


2 day


This module reflects the tasks and responsibilities of personnel management in shipping companies and crewing agencies who need to have a deep understanding of the training and certification requirements of the seafarers employed in order to choose the best qualified personnel. This objective is achieved by exploring and discussing the detailed requirements of STCW. Firstly the requirements sorted by rank will come under close examination. The training contents and the resulting certificates will be evaluated in more detail. Then some more general questions relating to familiarisation and training on board will also be raised and clarified. This course includes practical case studies and interactive exercises to achieve the desired learning outcome for the participants.


The course focuses on:
  • STCW Structure
  • MLC structure
  • Terms and definitions used in STCW& MLC
  • Relationship to other Conventions and Codes
  • Changes due to Manila Amendments 2010
  • Requirements for certification
  • Certificates per rank according STCW
  • Competence requirements
  • Training requirements
  • Ship type specific training and certification
  • Familiarization requirements