Marine & Offshore H2S Awareness

Marine & Offshore H2S Awareness


DURATION: 1 days Price: 300 $
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This course is designed to increase your awareness of how H2S is formed and where it can be found on-board Vessels and offshore construction.

It will also show you how you can protect yourself from exposure and give advice about what to do if an emergency should occur On-board your Vessel or offshore construction

Course content

  • What H2S is and where it can be located On-Board.
  • Properties and characteristics of H2S.
  • Parts per million (PPM) as a measurement parameter.
  • Occupational exposure limits of H2S.
  • Types of detector equipment.
  • Types of respiratory equipment – escape BA sets, self-contained breathing apparatus & cascade systems.
  • Donning /doffing and operating escape set within 30 seconds.
  • Donning /doffing and operating the self-contained breathing apparatus set.
  • Rescue techniques for casualties