Lab workers use hazardous substances differently than other workers. Where industrial applications typically use large quantities of a few hazardous substances, labs use a wide variety of substances, but in smaller quantities and change substances as well as procedures more often. This program is intended to provide information to assist you in the reduction of risk involved in your work in the laboratory. Knowledge of the hazards associated with each chemical and the proper steps to protect yourself is critical to your safety as well as that of your co-workers. You must always minimize chemical exposures and potential emergencies, as well as comply with all state and federal regulations. Also, this course will review chemical hazards, chemical hygiene, personal protective equipment and ventilation in the lab.



29 CFR 1910.1450



  1. Introduction
  2. Training Objectives
  3. Introduction to Laboratory Safety
  4. Chemical Hazards in the Laboratory
  5. Health Hazards
  6. Chemical Routes of Entry
  7. Physical Hazards of Chemicals
  8. Hazard Communication and SDS Information
  9. Labeling Hazard Rating Systems
  10. Protecting Against Hazards
  11. Protective Clothing and Equipment
  12. Ventilation
  13. Specific Laboratory Hazards
  14. Chemical Storage/Waste
  15. General Lab Housekeeping Procedures
  16. Chemical Spills
  17. Emergency Procedures