ISO 9001 For Shipping companies

ISO 9001 For Shipping companies

Price: 300 $
DURATION: 3 days


For Whom

Techn. Director (CTO), Manag. Director (CEO), Assistance, Superintendent, Fleet Manager, Chief Operating Officer, Assistance, Quality Manager, Designated Person, Assistance


The participants will understand the structure and basic requirements of the standard ISO 9001 and know how to implement them in the company ashore and on board. They can integrate quality management into their existing Safety Management System.

Over View

Ships form a vital link between business partners. They carry their valuable products to their customers. Therefore, more and more charterers of vessels and industry customers of shipping lines ask for a certificate according to ISO 9001:2008. They want to receive reliable and error-free transports and wish to see an evidence for systematic and well organized work. Since more than 20 years, the international standard ISO 9001 provides the framework for effective and efficient quality management systems.

The most important paragraphs of ISO 9001 containing requirements are analysed and methods of implementation in the shore based company and on board are discussed.  The main tasks necessary to implement an quality management system are emphasized by group work and exercises. Further information about the certification process complete this practical workshop.

Course Contents:

  • Elements of the ISO 9001 standard
  • Parallels with and differences to the ISM Code
  • Integrated management system: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISM Code