ISO 14001 For Shipping Companies

ISO 14001 For Shipping Companies

Price: 300 $

DURATION: 3 days

For WhomTechn. Director (CTO), Manag. Director (CEO), Assistance, Superintendent, Fleet Manager, Chief Operating Officer, Assistance, Quality Manager, Designated Person, Assistance

To understand all requirements of the standard ISO 14001 and know how to implement them in the company ashore and on board.

Knowledge of marine management systems, in particular ISM Knowledge of shipboard operations and environmental regulations (MARPOL)

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An environmental management system helps the company to optimize operations and further considerations. More and more customers ask for a certificate according to ISO 14001.
This course provides detailed information about the requirements of the standard ISO 14001. You will acquaint yourself with methods of implementation of an environmental management system in shipping companies and on board its ships.
You will compare the requirements of ISO 14001 with the ISM Code and will identify synergies with an existing Safety Management System. If you are a Manager, Designated Person, quality or environmental representative or a superintendent you will learn how to integrate anenvironmental management system into an existing Safety Management System according to the ISM Code.

Course Contents:

  • Structure and requirements of an environmental management system acc. to the ISO 14001 standard
  • Identification of environmental aspects and objectives and setting up a program
  • Interfaces with ISM and quality management