The main objective of this training course is to present the potential hazards associated with working in the heat and provide details about the basic precautions that should be followed to prevent heat-related illnesses. We will discuss how to recognize and avoid the risks associated with working in warm environments. We will also discuss the importance of the personal protective equipment, or PPE, which may be required for hot work conditions. Our goal is to generate a greater awareness of the hazards that are present when working in extreme conditions and to inform employees about the precautions they should take to help ensure their health and safety.



  1. Introduction
  2. Training Objectives
  3. Regulations
  4. Identifying the Hazards
  5. Heat-related Illnesses
  6. Heat Rash
  7. Heat Cramps
  8. Heat Exhaustion
  9. Heat Stroke
  10. Preventing Heat-related Illnesses
  11. Exposure Limits
  12. The Importance of PPE