Guide to Antifouling Management & ISO 19030

Guide to Antifouling Management & ISO 19030

Price: 450$

Training course about antifouling management and performance monitoring in antifouling management focusing on ISO 19030.



The course introduces antifouling management in unpretentious "jargon-free" language. The course explains mechanisms behind different antifouling options, raising understanding for their differing performance, strengths and shortcomings. The course also gives a general introduction to performance monitoring in antifouling management focusing on ISO 19030.

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Who should attend:

Shipping Companies: Superintendent, fleet manager, energy manager


1 day
The course explains the basics of roughness and its impact on fuel consumption. This is the starting point to look at antifouling where products have varying initial roughness and degrading histories between docking. The course explains why performance degrades differently, what is behind alternative options (and promises of vendors). From qualitative understanding for initial selection, we move to quantitative performance monitoring and the pitfalls involved in this stage. The focus is on raising awareness of different options and understanding pros and cons of these.
The course is given by internationally renowned experts in the field but focuses on a brain-friendly, easy-comprehension style. After the course participants will understand commonly used jargon and be equipped to make the right choices in antifouling products and monitoring options.


The course focuses on:
  • Hull & propeller roughness
  • Basics of coating
  • Antifouling options (incl. biocide-free alternatives)
  • Choosing the right antifouling strategy
  • Performance monitoring and ISO 19030