Price: 3100$
Duration: 3 days


About the Course 

Writing for work-related purposes ought to be brief, clear, informative and, above all, readable. In this practical hands-on course, you gain a solid foundation in technical writing skills. The primary theme for the course is that a writer must "think constantly about their readers." Examples and exercises provide hands-on experience. You may choose to bring a sample of your writing for one-on-one feedback.

"Timed well. No improvement needed!" - Project Coordinator, United States

Designed for

All engineers, managers, IT/computer support staff, team leaders, supervisors, and individuals responsible for writing letters, memos, reports, procedures, test results, and proposals that are clear, concise, and professional.

You will Learn How to 

  • To focus on the reader as the receiver of the information
  • To develop quality writing that will:- Improve business relationships and communication
  1. Enable you to write better and faster
  2. Make your writing more credible
  3. Make you more confident in your writing

Course Content

  • Develop essential technical writing skills to convey a convincing message
  • Compose clear messages using a structured writing approach
  • Adapt your writing style to your audience's needs
  • Edit at the word level to improve persuasiveness and impact
  • Write precise and concise memos, letters, summaries, and reports
  • How to best display visual information
  • Create informative content using lists, bullets, and short paragraphs as the primary writing mode