The importance of an effective workplace safety and health program cannot be overemphasized. However, even with a comprehensive safety system in place, incidents can still occur in spite of efforts to prevent them. This course is designed to provide guidance to employers that need to set up an emergency response plan and wish to have guidelines for creating a plan or to audit their existing plan. Also, this presentation will improve employees’ knowledge and heighten their awareness of the basic information and pre-planning needs they must be accountable for within their specific work areas to be properly prepared for an emergency.



29 CFR 1910.37
29 CFR 1910.38



  1. Introduction
  2. What is an Emergency?
  3. What is Emergency Management?
  4. Planning
  5. Establishing the Team
  6. Authority
  7. Schedule and Budget
  8. Capabilities and Hazards
  9. Identify Codes and Regulations
  10. Review Internal Documentation
  11. Meet with Local Agencies
  12. Group Facility Review
  13. Identify Response Capabilities
  14. Vulnerability Analysis
  15. Develop the Plan
  16. Chain of Command
  17. Communications
  18. Means for Reporting Emergencies
  19. Emergency Escape Procedures and Routes
  20. Accounting for Personnel
  21. Critical Plant Operations
  22. Rescue and Medical Duties