Crew Management & Supply

Crew Management & Supply

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for anyone involved within shipping personnel management. From crewing recruitment and placement agents to onboard and ashore managers, (Fleet Personnel Manager - Crew Manager - Operations Manager - Fleet Personnel Officer and HR Manager)

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Crew management for ships incorporates a variety of activities handled by crew management companies and their manning agencies.

The crew management company is responsible for the manning of vessels under a crew management contract. This includes the sourcing, recruitment, selection, deployment, scheduling, training/upgrading programs, and on-going management of seafarers engaged on vessels under crew management contracts.

focuses on the principal maritime labor markets, and sets the standard for professionalism in crew management.

Course Content

  • Identify the role and organization of the crew management sector within the context of the shipping industry
  • Explain the regulatory, legal and insurance environment applying to the crewing sector
  • Explore effective management skills for crew management including recruitment and selection principles
  • Discuss the day to day management requirement for effective crew management and crew agency
  • Describe effective health, safety and security management for crew and welfare requirements and expectations for supportive and quality crew management
  • Explain the benefits and approach for crew retention
  • Explain key commercial and financial management principles for crew managementCreate and present professional written business reports