Confined Space Entry Specialist

Confined Space Entry Specialist

Price: 300$
Duration: 20 Hrs


Course Objectives:

The goal of this course is to comprehensively address in detail, in theory and practical exercises, the vital knowledge necessary to participate in confined space entry operations safely.

Course Content:

  • Basic safety management
  • Recognizing a confined space
  • When is a confined space permit required?
  • Atmospheric hazards
  • Entrant duties
  • Attendant duties
  • Entry supervisor duties
  • When is a secondary stand-by required?
  • Rescue and emergency services
  • The entry permit
  • Confined space preparation
  • Isolating the permit space
  • Atmospheric testing
  • Purging & ventilating
  • Safety equipment
  • Contractor/host employer responsibilities
  • Confined space rescue
  • Horizontal Entry Procedures